Have Yourself a Snazzy Little Christmas: Last Call

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I’ve been posting these for two weeks now without any extra commentary, but I have to share a few words about Lou Rawls.


To call me a fan would be a huge understatement, and an insult to huge. And to understatements. His Christmas records are among my favorites for the season, and his 1965 Merry Christmas, Baby is my favorite Christmas album, period. If there was ever a performer who so effortlessly combined warmth, grace, charm, and taste, I don’t know who it is. To top all that off, he had a four-octave range — and made them all sound easy.

In 2005 Rawls was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer. Nevertheless, he went into the studio that year to record Lou Rawls Christmas, knowing full well it would probably be his last. Reportedly he told no one at the studio of his condition. Maybe his voice had developed a few rough edges. Maybe his range had narrowed. But he still put everything he had left into a delightful collection of 13 songs.

“We Wish You A Merry Christmas” is the last cut on the album, and thus the last new Lou Rawls anyone ever heard. Is it his best performance? No, but it might just be his most soulful. And how appropriate is that?

From all of us here at Casa Verde, we wish you a merry Christmas.

No politics today, but I am playing DJ all day long. Check back in for more Christmas favorites, snazzy and otherwise.



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