Your ObamaCare Fail of the Day


Please wait.”

The old is just like the old

I decided to log in this morning and take the Web site for a test drive, as I’m sure many others are doing. Early reports had been promising. What I found was hardly encouraging — long delays loading pages, an endless circle of tasks (some already completed) and ultimately an error message.

The load-time issues (sometimes more than a minute) reminded me of the problems users encountered in the very first days of the Web site, which handles health insurance enrollment for residents of 36 states. It also appears to contradict what Health and Human Services officials said had been fixed.

“Response times are under 1 second. Error rates are down well under 1%. And the system is stable, with uptimes exceeding 90%,” HHS bragged in a blog post yesterday.

Additionally, once I had completed and submitted my application and verified my identity, the site told me that I was missing information and had to review it again. Nothing was missing. Ultimately, I got an error message telling me to come back later.

I didn’t have those problems, but that was on a sleepy Sunday morning, and I never tried to actually register.

So, to sum up: is fine if you want to window shop for policies you can’t buy at prices that aren’t real.

But if you want to actually buy something at any price, it still sucks.