Name! That! Pundit!

Who is today’s mystery pundit? Take a gander at these harsh words and see if you can Name That Pundit:

President Obama needs to fire himself. Not literally, of course, but practically: He needs to shake up his team so thoroughly that the new blood imposes change on how he manages the federal bureaucracy and leads.

A series of self-inflicted wounds during his fifth year in office, capped by the botched launch of the Affordable Care Act, have Americans questioning the president’s competence and credibility. History suggests that second-term presidents rarely recover after their approval ratings fall as much as Obama’s have this year.

History also suggests that there are two types of White House shake-ups. The first is mostly cosmetic and is aimed at sending a signal that the president is serious. He fires somebody, anybody, as a sacrificial lamb. The second is deep cleansing–that rare occasion when a president rebuilds his team to change himself.

The latter is what Obama must do.

If you guessed “Ron Fournier,” then take a $20 bill out of your wallet, stick it in your pocket, leave an IOU in your pocket for $20, spend the $20 on bean sprouts, pat yourself on the back for saving that $20 in your wallet, and call yourself a Democrat.

And a big congratulations to Mr. Fournier, our first three-time Name That Pundit winner — he’s no been retired from the competition.