Abort, Retry, Fail, Mandate?

The newest passenger on the Let It Burn Bandwagon is Larry Kudlow:

Somebody in the Obama administration — literally at the last minute in mid-September — gave the order that the [Healthcare.gov] website require a detailed account registration process before a user can shop for insurance.

Nobody knows why that decision was made. Perhaps it was to stop the media from seeing unsubsidized premium prices that undermine Obama’s promise for cheaper insurance. Or maybe the Obama folks wanted to block potential registrants from pricing-structure sticker shock. Either way, the decision to put registration ahead of shopping blew up the whole system.

And it may also have blown up Obama’s attempt to break the Republican Party in half and carry a Democratic House in 2014.

And that’s Ruddy’s point: If Republicans hold the House and win the Senate next year, there’d be two houses to repeal Obamacare. But if the March 31 delay effort works, will voters forgive and forget a botched website launch?


It’s harder to forget life’s most painful lessons.


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