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Tom Dougherty: “ObamaCare: If It Ain’t Working Don’t Fix It

From the piece:

It’s time for the GOP to let ObamaCare go. The fight is over, not that it ever had a chance of succeeding, and it’s time to let the President and Democrats live or die with the debacle they created.

Let ObamaCare go; focus on removing the dysfunction that has caused the Republican Party to attain the lowest approval rating in history; return to the economy and job creation; and show the voters that while we stumbled we are still the party that has their best interest on the front-burner.


This is exactly right. The only thing that matters anymore is winning seats — even with squishes, even with RINOs. Not a single squish or RINO voted for ObamaCare, and every squish and RINO can be counted on to vote to repeal & replace it.

I’ll say it again: The only thing that matters anymore is winning seats.

And with all due respect to Ted Cruz, you don’t win an election by making yourselves look like a**holes.


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