A Good Grilling


Kathleen Sebelius went on The Daily Show and got grilled by Jon Stewart:

The segment became more contentious as Stewart turned to the subject of the individual mandate, specifically the fact that while many businesses were given a one-year delay to comply with the law, individuals were not.

“If I’m an individual that doesn’t want this, it would be hard for me to look at a big business getting a waiver,” Stewart said. “I would feel like you are favoring big business because they lobbied you … but you’re not allowing individuals that same courtesy.”

Sebelius denied that was the case, but danced around answering the question directly, sticking instead to talking points.

After pressing her further on the issue to no avail, a somewhat exasperated Stewart finally smiled and asked, “Am I a stupid man?”

Later, as he threw to commercial, Stewart said he still was “not sure why individuals can’t delay” and asked the secretary if he could keep asking her that same question when they returned.


It’s easy to laugh at 20somethings who say they get their news from Stewart, but you have to wonder if maybe they don’t have the right idea.

Has anyone from the MSM been so tough and direct with Sebelius?



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