Now That's Customer Service

I’m a huge Amazon customer. They are the first place I look for almost anything other than fresh food — and I hear they’re working on that. So you’d think I’d be a great person to ask about their customer service.


But no.

I never have any problems other than the very occasional return, so I have no idea what their customer service is like. Everything just works. Which I suppose is sort of an answer to the question.

And now there’s this:

Amazon’s latest tablets will include the ability to call up round-the-clock tech support via a video box at the press of a button.

The Kindle Fire HDX’s Mayday feature will allow one of the firm’s employees to explain how to work the machine or take control if necessary.

There is no additional cost involved.

One analyst said the facility should help Amazon to stand out from other tablets, including Google’s Nexus and Apple’s iPad.

Nice. Very nice. Amazon put their own little Genius Bar right on the tablet.


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