Ye Olde Amazon

Talk about memory lane — via Glenn Reynolds, it’s 12 big websites as they first appeared. Here’s where half of my money has gone in the last decade-plus:

Ye Olde Amazon

You might marvel at how primitive some of these websites appear, but there’s something you have to keep in mind. In 1995, most of us — if we had a computer at all — were staring at a 13″ screen with a VGA resolution of just 640×480. My two-year-old phone fits exactly twice as many pixels on its screen. We’ve come a long way.

But that Amazon screenshot reminded me of a story I came across last week, of the man who ordered the very first thing ever sold by Amazon, and he still has the packing slip. That got me to wonder when & what my first Amazon order was, and of course it was still in my order history.

My Old Amazon

Two Elmore Leonard books and a Star Wars toy to give as a Christmas gift.

Not much has changed since December 8, 1999 — except for most everything.