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Boy Band Basement Brew

Remember Hanson? You do? Sorry about that. I'd never heard of them, but then I spent the second half of the '90s really honing my Tony Bennett collection. But here's the beer story anyway:

It's been a minute since we've heard from Hanson, the '90s boy band known for never knowing when to get a hair cut and their incessant use of the term "Mmmbop." The boys are back -- now men over the age of 21 -- and they're making beer.

Yes, the little baby-faced one, Zac, is old enough to drink. If that doesn't make a '90s kid feel old, I don't know what will.

The beer is appropriately called Mmmhops. That's the real name. And it's being marketed on the website as "from the guys that invented Mmmbop."

Thanks, but I'll have an Old Fashioned.