They Still Make Them Like That Anymore

Wow. Just wow:

For the first time since Vietnam, two living service members have received the Medal of Honor for the same battle. Staff Sgt. Clinton Romesha received his in February. On Monday, President Obama presented the nation’s highest military award to Staff Sgt. Ty Carter.

The Battle of Combat Outpost Keating — seen in a video shot by the Taliban as they fired down on the isolated base — was probably the most desperate battle of the Afghan War.

You can measure it by casualties: half the 54 American defenders dead or wounded; or by courage — two Medals of Honor for the same battle.

“The two medals tell the truth of how terrible that day was,” said Sgt. Ty Carter.

“The enemy was above us, behind us, all around us,” Carter recalled. “We were cut off, surrounded, outnumbered, outgunned, low on ammo and everybody friendly who was in sight was either wounded or dead.”

Carter raced across the base to reinforce a guard post. We’re not positive from the video that showed a man running, but that may well be him.

When told that running across open ground under fire was a good way for him to get killed, Carter responded: “Yes, but I wasn’t thinking of that at the time. I was thinking the more bullets I saw impact the faster I needed to go.”

He had to cross that open ground again and again, bringing fresh supplies of ammo to the guard post.

The righteousness or even the simple wisdom of the mission matters not to our troops, who perform with a valiance which should never fail to make their nation proud.