iPhone 5S/5C Rumor Mill Keeps Milling


A move by Apple to discontinue the iPhone 5 was rumored late last month, but it would be something of a surprise for Apple to continue offering the iPhone 4S while discontinuing the iPhone 5. Many had suggested that Apple’s work to launch an iPhone 5C was an effort to unify Apple’s lineup around the new Lightning connector and 4-inch display, but a move by Apple to keep the iPhone 4S on the market indicates that iPhone 5C is not a true “low-cost” device and is indeed primarily a repackaged iPhone 5.

This doesn’t make much sense to me, either. It’s not like Apple to keep producing a connector (or anything else) once the company has decided it’s no longer useful. And the aged Dock connector fits that bill. Same thing with the old 3.5″ screen, which forces developers to program for two different screen sizes. Getting everybody on Lightning cables and 4″ screens ASAP makes more sense for users, for developers, and for Apple’s sacred bottom line.

This one doesn’t pass the sniff test, but we won’t know for sure until September 10.