Colorado Lawmakers Are Above the Law

I ran my son out to lunch earlier, then out for a little back-to-school shopping up in Castle Rock. Along the way up I-25, the highway patrol was out in force. I saw three different cars pulled over, and one silver-grey unmarked police car (a Dodge Charger, I think) laying in wait. On that was just on the way up. Despite it being a quiet Wednesday with lousy weather — it’s looked and felt like London in April all week — the police are cracking down.


That’s what was in my brain when I read this, via Glenn:

State lawmakers are getting special perks because of their legislative license plates.

The plates issued to the 100 state lawmakers and representatives elected to serve Colorado are preventing them not only from receiving photo radar tickets but also collection notices from past due parking tickets.

The legislative plates are not entered into the Colorado DMV database, so when photo radar cameras catch these drivers speeding, they never received tickets. That’s because of a loophole that doesn’t allow the City of Denver to electronically cross-reference those plates with a home address.

Heads gotta roll for this one. Right onto some pikes.


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