I'm Re-Back

A couple months ago one of the main power lines coming into the house shorted out. Figuring out what was wrong was the darnedest thing, because some lights worked, some didn’t. Some outlets worked, some didn’t. Some appliances worked, some didn’t. Sometimes a mess of things all in one room. Turns out, it depends on which line things connect to.


The same thing happened Thursday, literally minutes before I was supposed to leave on my camping trip. Melissa said she’d handle it, and that I should pack up the kids and go.

What I did notice this time — and it took seconds to figure out for the second go-around — was that it was all different this time around. The other low-power line had blown. So our electrician came out to find the break, and it turned out to have been the place they’d “fixed” the last time. The first guy had somehow managed to nick the new line as he was installing it, then the rains came and shorted it right back out.

The new guy sealed the heck out of the line. I also noticed how much faster the job gets done, when it’s done on their dime instead of mine.

What didn’t happen in a timely manner was telling me that they’d be shutting off the power.



There I was in the middle of writing up something for The Tatler, when the lights went off and the UPS battery started beeping. My alternate internet connection — my iPad — I’d literally just plugged in to charge at all of 6% power.

So I was off the air until things got fixed. Which they are. And just in time for my Trifecta conference call.

I’ll be re-re-back after that.


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