The Bulgars are Revolting!

This probably won’t help Bulgaria join the eurozone:

Police in Bulgaria’s capital have broken through anti-government protesters’ blockade of Parliament and have escorted out more than 100 lawmakers, ministers and journalists who had been trapped inside for more than eight hours.

Police in riot gear pushed past the demonstrators early Wednesday to form a tight corridor to rescue those trapped in the building in Sofia.

Protesters have staged demonstrations for 40 days in the European Union’s poorest country, demanding the resignation of the left-leaning cabinet.


This is a good idea, but doesn’t go far enough. Instead of protesting on Capitol Hill or shouting “send the bastards home,” we should seek a more permanent solutions. I propose walling up Washington, DC Escape from New York style, and then waiting to see how long it takes our esteemed lawmakers to resort to actual cannibalism.

I give it until lunchtime.


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