Et Tu, Marco?

Watching the Gang of Eight shenanigans makes me think Marco Rubio should read more Jonah Goldberg. Specifically, his famous governing philosophy for conservatives: “Don’t just do something — stand there!” Yes, we have a problem with illegal immigration. No, just because you’re doing something doesn’t mean you’re doing something good.


And what is Rubio thinking? Instead of going to the proper committees and holding hearings and calling witnesses and all the things we used to cal “lawmaking,” he’s dealing directly with the loathsome Chuck Schumer. And frankly, Schumer is much better at this kind of thing than a first-term Senator with fewer years on him than even I have.

So we have yet another monstrosity of a bill which nobody has read, and even if they had read they’d have no way of understanding without a dozen lawyers — preferably honest lawyers — from two or three different federal departments.


We went through this with ObamaCare. We went through this with Dodd-Frank. We know where this kind of thing goes. But at least in those two cases, the GOP didn’t have renegade senators leading the effort to jam comprehensive bullcrap through to the President’s desk.


You expect this kind of thing from McCain and Graham, who have long represented Washington rather than their home states.

But Rubio? I thought he was different. I had thought he was in the same class as Mike Lee or Ted Cruz or Rand Paul.

I was wrong. And Rubio won’t live this betrayal down, not in a lifetime of politicking.


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