Red Line, Schmed Line

Somebody is doing bad things in Syria:

The British and French governments have said that medical samples smuggled out of Syria have tested positive for the nerve agent sarin, and added that they have shown the evidence to a UN investigation.

The Foreign Office confirmed that body fluids collected from victims of one or more attacks in the country were found to contain a chemical fingerprint of sarin at the Ministry of Defence’s Porton Down facility in Wiltshire. In Paris, the French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, said he had passed similar evidence to the head of the UN inquiry into chemical weapon use in Syria, Ake Sellström.

This is why you don’t draw red lines unless you mean it. While I don’t believe we have any business getting mixed up in the Syrian Civil War, I’m also not in favor of having a President who could pass for Walter Peck.

Also, the Daily Mail has photos, but I’m not sure you really want to look.