Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies

From the VodkaPundit Mail Bag:

Here’s the thing that I think pisses me off more than anything else: All of these scandals are hitting critical mass now, when basically it’s too late. But if you look at the track record, it was plain as day that the Obama administration stank from the head down:

• They tried to marginalize Fox News by portraying them as “not really a news organization”;
• They dug up “dirt” on Romney, and had Dingy Harry smear him from the Senate floor;
• They dug into Sarah Palin’s past and smeared her;
• They dug into “Joe the Plumber’s” tax history and smeared him;
• They cast multiple aspersions on the Tea Party movement;
• Fast & Furious was recast (with a great assist from the MSM) as the continuation of a failed Bush policy;
• Etc.

Had the MSM one whit of integrity to it, as a group, they’d have been paying attention over the last few years and actually dug into some of these stories in a timely manner. If you look at the cumulative mass of horrors perpetrated by Obama and his cronies, the 2012 election should have been a bloodbath, but in favor of Romney. Simply because the antiseptic of sunlight brought on by a truly free press would have exposed the emperor for the naked fool that he truly is.

Benghazi would merely have been the coup de grace. Two months of honest scrutiny leading into the General Election would have left Obama completely disemboweled and powerless to stop Romney from storming into office.

But that didn’t happen. And now it’s too late. We may see the Republicans take the Senate in ’14, although I doubt we would really benefit from such an event, even if they prove themselves capable of capitalizing on this mess. And Hillary is pretty much toast at this point. But we’re stuck with ObamaCare. There’s no way that the EPA gets shoved back in its cage. The regulatory behemoth that is the federal government is rampaging through our economy at a devastating rate. The State Department has really and truly eviscerated any rational foreign policy that may have still existed. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Let it burn doesn’t even come close to what needs to happen in order to undo the damage heaped on the soul of this country.

And it really comes down to the absolute failure of the MSM as an institution. Politicians are who they are. It’s genetic. Which is why the architects of the Constitution gave it its particular design. But none of the checks and balances are worth squat if the press won’t do its job. Period.

And they didn’t.

And we all are going to pay for it as a result.

There aren’t enough lampposts available to string up all the bastards who deserve it.

Not expecting you to, but anonymous if you decide to quote any of this.

I can’t think of anything at the moment that needs adding.