IL Storekeeper Forced to Bring a Bat to a Gun Fight


An amazing video released Wednesday that shows a Chicago shopkeeper fighting for his life should be a commercial for Second Amendment rights in this, the only state that doesn’t allow citizens to carry a concealed handgun for protection.

The video, posted by the Tribune’s Breaking News Center, shows in vivid and frightening detail how armed thugs robbed a gift and sports store Tuesday in the Logan Square neighborhood.

You can see the gunman demand the money. You see the store owner’s brother-in-law with a gun to his head. You see the shots being fired, and the bat wielded by a wounded and desperate Luis Quizhpe, the 62-year-old proprietor who fought for his life.

Quizhpe lived, despite police finding ten shell casings on the ground. But nobody should be forced by law to be that brave — or that lucky.