Dozens Dead After Major Taliban Attack

It ain’t over in Afghanistan, not by a longshot:

At least 48 people, many of them civilians, were killed Wednesday in western Afghanistan when heavily armed Taliban insurgents, including suicide bombers, stormed government buildings and fought a seven-hour gun battle with security forces, police said.

More than 90 people were reported wounded in the assault on the city of Farah, capital of Farah province. Police said all nine of the attackers died in the fighting, either in exchanges of fire with security forces or by detonating suicide vests they were wearing.


This is the kind of major action Obama’s surge was supposed to prevent, by eliminating the Taliban as a major threat. That, needless to say, didn’t happen.

Afghanistan was never more than Obama’s “good” war, so he could look tough on defense versus Bush’s “dumb” war in Iraq. Politically, it was genius. Practically, it did nothing but waste American blood and treasure.


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