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There was a shocking murder right here in Monument, Colorado last night:

The head of Colorado’s Department of Corrections was fatally shot as he opened the front door of his home, the authorities said, hours before Gov. John W. Hickenlooper signed into law a series of restrictive gun control measures.

The department’s executive director, Tom Clements, 58, who was shot Tuesday night, lived with his family in Monument, near Colorado Springs in central Colorado, the authorities said.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Department said that it had not identified a suspect and had no description of the shooter, but that it was investigating whether Mr. Clements’ work may have led to his death.

“We’re sensitive to the fact that serving in that type of position could in fact make him a target,” said Lt. Jeff Kramer, a Sheriff’s Department spokesman.


This happened not too far from the VodkaBunker, and very close to my in-laws. Hearing a knock on the door, answering it, and then getting shot dead isn’t exactly a common occurrence in this little bedroom town.

I’m packing, sitting here at my desk in daylight hours, which isn’t something I normally do. And, uh, UPS? You can leave it there on the patio.


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