Immigration Reform Plan Very Plan-y

But how reform-y is it? Here’s the four-point graphic courtesy of USA Today.

Points One and Two are the necessities here, and have been for a long time. Point One, however, is contingent on making border security work. If this is just another Democrat Lucy to GOP Charlie Brown, then Senators McCain, Graham, Rubio, and Flake are just setting their party up for another fail.


Point Two is, well, pointless, unless we also reduce the tax and regulatory burden Obama and the Democrats have put on America’s entrepreneurs, whether natural- or foreign-born. To give you an idea of how bad things are, net migration from Mexico is now zero or maybe even negative. Think about that: We’re losing people to Mexico, where they’ve lost 25,000 people in the Drugs Wars. It doesn’t matter if we make things easier for the best people to come here, if we don’t give them reason to come.

Points Three and Four look like museum-grade bureaucratic nightmares, and won’t do anything to help alleviate the problems discussed in the paragraph above. The GOP has got to make itself appealing to Hispanic voters, and this plan might just do that — but only on the surface.

Superficial wins elections however, as we painfully re-discovered last November.


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