Games (Freedom-Loving) People Play

Peter Suderman: Six video games every libertarian should play.

I haven’t played any of these — but you all knew already I’m a bad libertarian. Still, I read about Bioshock ages ago and have always wanted to play. But finding the time for grownup games the kids won’t want to play is hard. Keeping them away from grownup games I don’t want them to see is impossible.


The only games I still make time for (other than some Angry Birds or whatever on the iPad) are Paradox Publishing’s massive historical/operational stray games. You can start a playing a country in the Dark Ages with Crusader Kings, and if you like, take it through to almost the present day with Europa Universalis, Victoria, and then Hearts of Iron.

But you’ll probably not want to, since the latest version of Victoria caused me to coin a new word: Funsuck. It’s really that bad.

All the others still come highly recommended, however. And as soon as he sees the screen, my seven-year-old finds himself something very else to do.


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