Do You Feel Me Now?

New York Mayor Mike Torquemada doubled down on his War on Legal Drugs:

“The city hospitals we control, so…we’re going to do it and we’re urging all of the other hospitals to do it, voluntary guidelines. Somebody said, oh, somebody wrote, ‘Oh then maybe there won’t be enough painkillers for the poor who use the emergency rooms as their primary care doctor,’” the mayor said on his weekly radio show with John Gambling. “Number one, there’s no evidence of that. Number two, supposing it is really true so you didn’t get enough painkillers and you did have to suffer a little bit. The other side of the coin is people are dying and there’s nothing perfect….There’s nothing that you can possibly do where somebody isn’t going to suffer and it’s always the same group [claiming], ‘Everybody is heartless.’ Come on, this is a very big problem.”


They key word is in the first sentence. “Control.” And if you have to suffer a little bit, or maybe even a lot, so that Mayor Torquemada can look like he’s doing something about something, well…

…that’s your problem, not his.


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