The Truth is Quieter than Fiction

Patterico on one of the now-predictable responses to the Crowder assault:

So what does Marcy Wheeler of Empty Wheel do? Immediately accuse the accusers. She writes a post titled “Breitbart Folks Appear to Fake Violence in Lansing.” She immediately labels the destruction of a tent as a probable false flag, and then updates with: “Here’s a picture of Steve Crowder deliberately provoking peaceful union people from before he was claiming to have been attacked.” This update was made before video evidence emerged that proved Crowder was attacked.

Keep in mind: Crowder has actually been repeatedly punched at this point. But literally before any actual evidence is known, Wheeler is smearing Crowder, labeling him the aggressor, and turning it into a political issue that totally rewrites the narrative.


We used to think of this sort of thing as cute. Not cute-like-a-kitten cute, but in the vein of, “It’s cute how they actually seem to believe this stuff inside of their tiny circle of total wankers.”

But the wankers are in charge now. They’re in charge at the White House, they’re in charge on half of Capitol Hill, they’ll soon be in charge of the Supreme Court, and — most importantly — they’re in charge of the Mainstream Media.

So it’s no longer some insular circle of wankers peddling crap. The crap is now the narrative. It’s no longer enough to get the truth out. You’ve got to sell that truth like it’s the hottest new sitcom pilot. You’ve got to make that truth sing. It has to tell a story. You have to be louder and more entertaining and more truthful than the wankers.

Because otherwise, it doesn’t matter what really happened in Lansing yesterday. It doesn’t matter what happens in Washington tomorrow. The only thing that matters is what people believe, and how far along the road to ruin that will take us.



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