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But Can it Make Julienne Fries?

It's a toaster that opens your garage door! It's an aquarium with a built-in juicer! It's the world's first luxury automobile that can automatically repel cheetahs!

No... it's just the latest misguided attempt to make a laptop that's also a tablet. Or maybe the other way around. It's Lenovo's new Yoga 13.

It's a half-pound heavier than the MacBook Air with the same screen. It has a touchscreen with far fewer pixels than a third- or fourth-generation iPad. But then the keyboard snaps off leaving you with what might be the world's thickest and heaviest tablet. Oh, and for reasons science cannot explain, it can do this:

Hence the name Yoga, I suppose. It looks better when a pretty girl in yoga pants is doing it, though.

It's said to be a pretty good Ultrabook.

So why didn't Lenovo just make an even better Ultrabook, and skip the gimmicks?