After the Love has Gone

Mary Katharine Ham reports from the Bill Clinton event in Perrysburg Ohio:

The rock star of the campaign trail was still on his way as one straggling supporter from nearby Maumee and I squinted at each other’s smartphone maps to locate the rally. We found the school’s half-full gymnasium, blocked off at half-court by a red vinyl curtain descended from the ceiling.

Outside, there was no line, but there was a bit of a ruckus as two young people protested their removal from the rally. Kelli Miller, a 28-year-old student, said she and 25-year-old Nick Osberger were told to leave the event after she wrote “I will not support Obama” on the signage provided at the rally and displayed it. A Gary Johnson supporter, Miller objected to not being able to voice her political opinion at a political rally at the school she attends.

“This is my school,” she said. “It’s my constitutional right to express my beliefs, you know? I just held the sign.”

I asked a student working on a laptop right outside the gym if she was planning to go to the rally. “I’ve got class,” she said with a shrug.


Shrugs seem to be about as much as Clinton can generate on this last weekend of the campaign.


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