Your Friday Concern Troll

Comments, we get comments — this one from “Keith,” who really wants us to know how Mitt Romney can be the best presidential candidate like ever. He writes:


Hi Steven,

Hi, Keith. It’s Stephen. Or Steve. Or VodkaPundit. But never Steven. Anyway.

Biden won the debate; he manhandled Ryan. It’s important not to deny it. If it’s denied, Rommney won’t adapt to it. And he has to adapt, because Obama will come out like Biden, and Rommney better not come back like Ryan.

Did you get that? Romney shouldn’t be Ryan because Obama will be Biden and if Romney is Ryan then Obama will manhandle him like Biden manhandled Ryan when Ryan was being Ryan which is bad because when Biden was Biden that’s what happened unlike when Obama was Obama which won’t happen again because next time Obama will adapt into Biden when Romney is Ryan if Romney won’t adapt to being Romney. It’s important not to deny it.

OK, how would I spin it?

Undeniably, the world wonders.

The career politician gives a much better speech than “the smartest kid in the class.” No denying it.


And all this time I thought we were watching a debate. But I suppose that much can be safely denied.

But who do you trust with your future?

(Um, Keith? It’s “whom.”)

There were speeches at the manhandled debate about the future with the trust, if I’m understanding Keith correctly here. So I’m guessing I’m supposed to answer with, “The toothy guy who laughed at nuclear war and interrupted 82 times.” Because there’s no denying it.

Best regards,


I love you, too, man.

You ready for the kicker? Keith is posting from a domain, where I’m sure he’s just the smartest T.A. on the whole entire campus. I can’t deny it.


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