Sign "O" the Times

With a tip of the hat to Frank Martin, Wall Street seems to know which way the wind blows:

Goldman Sachs employees may not be so happy with President Obama and his tough rhetoric about Wall Street, at least according to the latest campaign finance figures.

Goldman Sachs was the U.S. company that donated the most to then-candidate Barack Obama during the 2008 election, giving more than $1 million to support his bid for the presidency.

But during this election cycle, they have given him just $136,000. Former Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign got $900,000 plus $900,000 to a super PAC that supports him from Goldman employees.


Then there’s this:

Sheila Krumholz, executive director of Center for Responsive Politics, which provided these figures from the Federal Election Commission and PAC data, called the apparent shift in loyalty a “big surprise.”

Not really. Wall Street expects to keep its access.


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