Conspiracy of the State

Today’s question isn’t about polling tomfoolery or tomorrow’s Veep debate or even Mitt Romney’s daring raid deep into Ohio’s Obama country. No, today’s question is and must be: What the hell is going on at State?


The State Department now says it never believed the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was a film protest gone awry, giving congressional Republicans new fodder for criticizing the Obama administration’s initial accounts of the assault.

Initial? Empty Chair was still peddling that lie in his latest United Nations apology speech a couple weeks after the attack. Sorry — we were talking about State, weren’t we? Let’s get back to that. The State Department is claiming now it never claimed what State (and the White House) had claimed. Want proof? Here’s proof:

There you go, from Hillary’s lips to your lying ears. And I apologize for any unwelcome and unpleasant mental image that might have caused.

We have the Secretary of State, we have our ambassador to the UN, parroting the same line about how that awful video was to blame. We have it on tape. This is a lie so easily and so instantly proven to be a big fat hairy lie, that why did Clinton bother? What are they thinking at State?

We can only guess what they were thinking. Here are a few:


• The Complicit Media will cover for us.

• Maybe nobody in Congress will notice.

• Clinton decided it was time to drive the final nail into Obama-Biden 2012.

• Rogue staffer at State said the lie! Rouge staffer!

• I did not have sexual relations with that consulate.

And then there’s my final, strangest guess. But it also might be the only one with a hint of truth to it.

• The security situation at Benghazi was so desperately cocked-up by damn near anybody who should have shown an shred of sense or even simple decency, that a big fat hairy lie is the only way to distract from the needless deaths of four Americans.

Could that really be it? Has Clinton started another bonfire, just to divert attention away from the one that’s already burning? It’s sounds impossible. But it also sounds perfectly Clintonesque.

What say you?


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