Sign "O" the Times

Maybe I should have headlined this one “Required Reading,” but that might obscure the larger point. Anyway, here’s a snippet from a newspaper editorial:


These desperate times for Americans have called forth desperate measures from an incumbent weighed down by an 8.2% unemployment rate and the barest flicker of job growth. Say, why not suggest that Romney could even be a felon? Oh, right, an Obama aide did that.

Masterfully and disappointingly, the President’s campaign is branding Romney as a rich (repeat, filthy rich) corporate buccaneer who made a fortune sending jobs overseas and bankrupting companies.

And that’s one of the nicer bits in a scathing editorial.

You may ask, “So what? Obama gets hit with stuff like that all the time.” Sure, all the time in the Orange County Register or the Washington Times.

But this editorial came from the editorial board of the left-leaning New York Daily News.


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