It's Official: Everything Sucks

The latest Bloomberg poll says pretty much everything the White House doesn’t want to know. Here’s the beef:

In general, do you think things in the nation are headed in the right direction, or have they gotten off on the wrong track?

Right direction – 31
Wrong track – 62
Not sure – 7

Which of the following do you see as the most important issue facing the country right now?

4 Immigration
13 Health care
18 The federal deficit
3 Terrorism
4 Taxes
3 Gay marriage
4 Gas prices
45 Unemployment and jobs
2 Other
1 None of these
3 Not sure [Emphasis added although really unnecessary]

Also note that health care is a very distant third place, and doesn’t differentiate between people who care about it because they don’t have insurance, or people who care about it because they think ObamaCare is a steaming pile. So much for the President’s “signature” accomplishment.

That’s an awfully deep hole to climb out of in just four months.