Straight from the Donkey's Mouth

Good advice, if President Obama will take it:

pollster Mark Penn, Schoen’s former partner and a member of Clinton’s inner circle in the White House and later a force on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, said Obama needs more than just a new message — but also a new economic plan.

“I think that the president needs a new economic plan that takes the country into the 21st century global economy, a plan with emphasis on education, infrastructure, innovation, and growing exports. A plan that creates new economy jobs for a country that wants to move forward,” he told BuzzFeed, adding that “most of the messages [in the memo] are too much about raising taxes and raising spending in a public that has changed quite dramatically from 1992.”

Obama’s aides have always bridled at criticism from the Clintonites, in part because they see Obama’s victory over Clinton as the triumph over his carefully calibrated centrist politics.


After more than three years of little more than “pay their fair share” and throwing money every which way, I’m not sure voters would even believe Obama, if he took Penn’s advice.


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