It's Not TV, It's... It's... a Big Thing You Carry Around the House

Analyst James McQuivey thinks he’s cracked the code behind Apple’s long-rumored TV set:

“Apple should sell the world’s first non-TV TV,” McQuivey wrote. ”Instead of selling a replacement for the TV you just bought, Apple should convince millions of Apple fans that they need a new screen in their lives. Call it the iHub, a 32-inch screen with touch, gesture, voice, and iPad control that can be hung on the wall wherever the family congregates for planning, talking, or eating.”

The analyst continues, noting that such a device could eventually replace the traditional television for many users. ”My proposal takes advantage of everything Apple has going for it: Its base of super-engaged customers, its bevy of hungry developers, its ability to open our minds to the possibility of post-PC computing form factors, and its spectacular track record with generating elegant experiences that teach us to do things we didn’t know we needed. In fact, I want this so bad I can almost taste it.”


I’m going to have to think about this one some more. But a 32″ iPad you bring with you from room to room? Why?

An iPad can be passed back and forth for games, or two iPads can share a bluetooth connection for multi-screen gaming. If you’re just watching TV, use the big screen on the wall or the iPad in your lap.

I might be falling into the same group of people who said nobody would ever need a “third screen” between their smartphones and their laptops. You have heard much from those people since the iPad become the biggest runaway hit in consumer electronics.

Do you need a fifth screen in-between your iPad and your TV?


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