But "Open" is Better!

PC Mag wanted to find out if iOS really has better tablet apps than Android. Well

So I assembled my own list of potential app providers. To create a list of top brands, I looked at Nielsen’s top 10 global Web companies, online video destinations, and U.S. TV networks; Alexa’s top 10 U.S. websites; the top 10 retail banks as measured by the Federal Reserve; 10 top online game publishing houses; Nielsen’s top 20 Android apps by usage; and Apple’s top 10 paid and top 10 free iPad apps by usage. I looked for official apps from each of these companies.

Finding tablet-oriented apps for Android is a hunt, a chore, and a grind. You can find some by looking in the very small Suggested for Tablets area on Google Play, using search terms like “Tablet” or “HD” in Google Play, or using the Tablified Market third-party directory ($1.49).

Things get even worse when you realize Google Play shows different apps on its website and on individual tablets; even though the Google Play website claims some apps run on an Asus Transformer Prime, the apps didn’t show up on Google Play on the Prime.

And just because an app claims to run on tablets doesn’t mean it was designed for tablets. Often, after you download an app you’ll discover that it’s ugly or nearly useless because it was designed for a 4-inch screen


How do Android tablet owners put up with this crap?

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It’ll all be over when Moto boasts that its latest is “ribbed for her pleasure.”

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