Required Reading

There’s a lot of strong language — all of it richly deserved — as Matt Gemmell takes on Hollywood’s antipiracy efforts:

The majority of people have a basic desire to be honest – and I mean actually honest, rather than some limited definition based strictly on the law. People will go to reasonable lengths to be honest. It makes us feel good about ourselves, and it confers a certain immunity from legal problems.

But then you fuck us. First you fuck us with exorbitant pricing. Then you fuck us with inconvenience by not making your content universally available when we want it. Then you fuck us by treating every paying customer like a criminal.

Fucked by money, fucked by convenience, and fucked by judgement. We know that you hate us, and you’d better be aware that we absolutely hate you too.


Read the whole thing. This isn’t just a rant — Gemmell makes some very smart points about what Hollywood should be doing to please customers, reduce piracy, and increase profits.


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