Somebody's (Not) Watching Me

Just a quick update to Monday’s item about Do Not Track Plus.

In 48 hours, this thing has killed off more than 5,200 attempts to track my browsing. I look at websites as a big part of my job, so a big number didn’t come as a surprise. But that big? I had no idea.


But that’s nothing compared to how much easier life is for my CPU. I keep Apple’s Activity Monitor up and running all the time, just because I’m a bit of a geek like that. Under a typical browser workload — which for me is a lot of open windows and tabs — my browser web content could be eating up anywhere from an eighth to a quarter of my CPU cycles. That’s been cut down by about 80%.

In other words, web trackers might be quadrupling the processor load of your web browser, slowing down your whole system.

As I said the other day, just go and download it right now.


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