A Norman Lear Production

Pardon the late start today, but we’re stacking up extra Trifectas for the holidays, and this was my week to host two full-length shows. Then I had to refuel with a special lunch I call “Too Much Leftover Spaghetti.” It’s a classic, and I always enjoy waddling back downstairs when it’s gone.


First stop after getting back to the desk was RealClearPolitics. From there, a story from the UK’s Independent about President Obama’s new woes in Hollywood. They’ll vote for him, Guy Adams report, but they don’t love him anymore. Fundraising won’t be what it once was, either. But what caught my eye, was this telling detail, almost glossed over, from überproducer Norma Lear:

“He can’t make up his mind about anything,” Mr Lear said. “He just vacillates. Like Democrats do generally.”

Like Democrats do generally. Huh. Fancy that — it’s not the kind of thing I remember hearing from Hollywood types three years go. What I remember from then was all about how Black Jesus was going to lead us to the Promised Land. (Never mind the mixed metaphors; they sure don’t mind ’em in Hollywood.) Obama, Pelosi, Reid, big majorities — all the pieces were in place for having our betters cure all our woes.

They’re not singing that song anymore, are they?

Which brings me at last to the point. We know this campaign next year will be the most vicious ever, as the President of all Americans tries to depress voter turnout by moderates. Remember that: The right is going to show up next year, come hell, high water, or New Black Panthers. To win, Obama must rally his base and make moderate voters — regular, everyday, not-too-concerned Americans — completely disgusted with politics and politicians. He will savage the middle of the American electorate just to get four more years with his ineffectual hands on the levers of power.


But as Norman Lear just let slip, it’s Obama’s own base of rich progressives who are already depressed.

Well, they earned it. Now let them stand in line at an ObamaCare Amalgamated Clinic to get their meds.


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