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Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Spin Cycle

Howard Kurtz wrote a surprisingly upbeat profile of Fox News honcho Roger Ailes -- mostly, I suspect, because Ailes has been toning down FNC and riding hard on the GOP candidates. But then there's a very curious bit on the first page:

As he embarks on his last hurrah—Ailes’s contract is up in 2013—he is acting not like a political operative but as a corporate chieftain who knows that fostering friction and picking fights make for good television—and good business. Next fall’s election could well pivot on whether Ailes is more interested in scoring political points or ramping up ratings and revenue.

If I'm reading this correctly, Kurtz is setting the narrative early: That if President Obama loses next year, it will be because the New Nicer Roger Ailes turned back into the Old Evil Roger Ailes.

He's become the Dick Cheney of the new decade.