Random Thought

On Fox News Sunday, Mitch McConnell dropped a bit of trivia we don’t think of very often — but it’s still all too true. That is, “We don’t vote on 60% of the budget.”


Congress doesn’t have a say over nearly two-thirds of all spending — that’s entitlements and interest on the debts.

How the hell did that happen? Congress, as usual, abrogated its constitutional responsibilities. With entitlements, benefits were defined years ago, and set on autopilot without regard to the means to pay for them. That’s also how you get to $14 trillion in debt, and why Congress has no control over those interest payments, either.

Those soon-to-balloon interest payments, I might add.

Congress has it in its power to reclaim its power over the budget. But that would require the backbone to take unpopular stands.


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