Sound and Fury

This story is strictly for the yokels:

In an address to Parliament, Prime Minister Yousaf Gilani on Monday defended Pakistan’s spy agency and indirectly criticized the United States for Osama Bin Laden’s presence in Pakistan.

The prime minister’s statement was expected to give an accounting of what Pakistan knew about the Qaeda leader’s presence in Pakistan, but instead centered on how the raid by the United States was a breach of Pakistani sovereignty. He warned that a repeat of such a raid to capture other high profile terrorists could be met with “full force.”


If Pakistan were really serious about stopping us from conducting cross-border raids, they’d put the squeeze on our logistical tail. Without the use of the port of Karachi, we’d be drawing down our Afghanistan force to 20,000 troops immediately and out of strict necessity.

Until Gilani does that, his furious statements are nothing more than ritual noises for drumming up domestic support.


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