Birthdays Suck; Birthday Dinners Do Not

Melissa just handed me tonight’s menu, and it looks something like so:

Amuse Bouche
Garlic Basil Savory Cookie + Cherry Tomato Bite

Charcuterie Plate
Crespone & Secchi Salamis + Pork Rillette Toast + Artisanal Smoked Bacon

Seafood Plate
Salmon Rillettes + Shrimp Scampi + Tuna Carpaccio

Duck Trio
Duck Fat & Smoked Duck Breast Mini Pizza + Duck Pate on toast point +Smoked Duck Bacon

Venison Tenderloin Flight
Tartare + Carpaccio + Juniper Spiced

Cheese Plate
Crispy Parmigiano Reggiano Flatbread + Parmiggiano Reggiano Panna Cotta w Thyme with a Plum and Grappa Sauce + Parmiggiano Reggiano Ice Cream w Balsamic Drizzle

Fresh Berries with Lemon Zabaglione


Needless to say, I’m done blogging for the evening.


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