Photos from Denver Tea Party Tax Day Rally

All pictures are click-to-embiggen, so click away.

We’re pro-capitalism, so of course we had some capitalists.

You have no idea how disappointed I was to discover this wasn’t a brewery.


The birthers were out in force.

Hey, birthers —

— I might mock you less often if you wouldn’t take a moderately-cute slogan and ruin it with an inappropriate apostrophe. As a rule, don’t call someone stupid unless you’re (your?) 100% sure about your (you’re?) punctuation.

We also had a nice collection of cute signs.

Where is Washington’s sacrifice, indeed.

More cute signs —

–and one kinda creepy sign, although I know what he means.

Continue on for the weird and the wonderful.

The Objectivists were out in force, too —

— not that there’s anything wrong with that. And, yes, the gentlemen in the background is wearing a zoot suit.

Just one more page!

The first Trump 2012 shirt I’ve seen — with a Star of David on the sleeve. I have no idea.

It looks like at least one Tea Partyer has taken up the Left’s odd penchant for coming up with slogans designed to insult the reader. Sigh.

This car wasn’t clean, but it hadn’t been keyed, either.

Finally — one sign that says it all.


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