Bringing Back the Dead

Watching the Sunday shows yesterday was the joy it always is — if by “joy” you mean “a long, hard slog.” But it was refreshing seeing a few (if only a very few) principled politicians who seem serious about cutting DC down to size.

However, their marketing could use a little work, especially given a hostile Complicit Media. (I’m looking at you, David Gregory, and you, too, Christiane Amanpour. Terrible performances yesterday from both of you. Shill a little less for big government, mmkay? Anyway.)

With that in mind, here it is again — the VodkaPundit Five by Five Plan:

• 5-year moratorium on new regulations
• 5-year moratorium on new taxes
• 5-year extension of current tax rates
• 5-year suspension before implementing any more Obamacare provisions
• 5 percent across-the-board, net spending cut from pre-crisis levels

This is a start. A small start. But it should be easier to explain than the somewhat arcane plans (if there are any plans at all) the GOP has been presenting.

Although I doubt it would be any easier to explain to Amanpour. She’s so dim, she couldn’t comprehend what Rand Paul meant by “across the board.” Seriously — I’ll go into that later today on Hair of the Dog. Priceless stuff.