" ...and everybody hates the Jews."

It’s National Brotherhood Week at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Yid with Lid has the details and analysis for you, but I have a little something of my own to add.

In the 1973 Yum Kippur War, there was only reason Israel managed to beat back the combined Egyptian-Syrian surprise offensive. The reason was because President Nixon resupplied the Jewish State with all the bullets and material it needed to continue the fight, and broke all the rules to get it all there as quickly as possible. But even then, Israel suffered horrific casualties.

I don’t doubt Israel’s ability to fight, or endurance to go on despite losses. But if you doubt this Administration’s resolve to help our only trustworthy Middle East ally to defend itself… then you’re absolutely on the right track.

UPDATE: Stacy McCain wins this week’s award for Best Use of Oy Vey By a Gentile.