"It's a mad House! A mad House!"

Yuval Levin at The Corner:

The apparent decision to push Obamacare through reconciliation gives new meaning to the term political suicide. It will almost certainly fail, for one thing. And it will persuade rank and file Democrats in Congress that their leaders have lost their minds, and so will badly divide the Democratic caucus and make for a very difficult year to come for them. An ethic of every man for himself — which is what many House Democrats will have to adopt after this — is the last thing a party in trouble needs in an election year.


They haven’t “lost their minds,” as Levin thinks. Rather, they’re drunk — take it from someone who would know. However, unlike a nice icy martini which never hurt anyone ever, Pelosi and Reid and the rest of the leadership* are drunk on power.

On quick reflection, that’s unfair. They aren’t drunk, not yet. But they’re getting that antsy feeling a drunk gets when he hear’s the bottle open, or a junky gets at the sight of his gimmick. They know the power is there… just waiting… for them… all they have to do is reach out and grab it…

And as the Democratic rank & file are about to learn, God Himself cannot help you if you get between a desperate addict and his next fix.

*And perhaps Obama, too. But I would think the limitations of office he’s experiencing say otherwise.

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