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Steve Jobs went to New York to talk with publishing honchos about the iPad. Fake Steve Jobs has the report:

I was sitting at dinner with the guy who runs the New York Times and I was like, You should just move your operation to the West Coast. I mean why not? Who says you have to be the New York Times? Why not just be the Times, and become a global brand? Look at what the Guardian in England is doing. They understood from the start that the power of the Internet for media was that you could take a local brand and transform it into a worldwide brand, without incurring much cost. So now they’re basically a global left-wing publication. No reason you can’t do the same. But you gotta drop this objectivity thing and just let your writers say what they really think. This whole objectivity thing is ridiculous. Everyone knows it’s bullshit, and the more you stick to it and try to pretend it’s true, the more stupid and dishonest you look.


It’s funny because it’s true — and I don’t mean just the stuff at the end. Can you think of a single American newspaper (except for the WSJ and maybe the Strib) that’s really thought about what to do with the internet, except for putting their stuff up there for free?


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