(Nearly) Big in Britain!

I just did a little email interview with the BBC’s Siobhan Courtney, and there was some leftover material she couldn’t use in the story — but wanted to link to.


So, Siobhan, here’s the recipe for drunkblogging.

1. 30 minutes before the event, mix yourself a dry martini — gin or vodka, your choice — of no less than 3.5 liquid ounces. You’re own your own for the metric conversion, your own fault for signing on with the EU.

2. At the start of the event, it’s time for your second martini.

3. Throughout the event, drink as needed. It’s medicinal.

4. You’ll notice your blogging might make less sense as the night wears on, but it is however meaner and funnier.

5. As the whiff of desperation kicks in towards the end, pick up the pace — of drinking and blogging.

6. Whatever you do, don’t go back and re-read your material the next day.

And that’s about it.

I’ll link to the Beeb story once it goes up.


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