Bring It On

WaPo on Snow Leopard:

Instead of adding hundreds of new features, Apple has chosen to use Snow Leopard to cut ties with the past, plan for the future, and take dead aim on its present competition.

The result is a Mac OS X update unlike any in recent memory, one that boosts speeds, reclaims disk space, tweaks dozens of features, and lays the groundwork for a new generation of computers that feature 64-bit multicore microprocessors, ultrapowerful graphics processors, and massive amounts of memory. These features, combined with the low upgrade price of $29, make Snow Leopard the biggest no-brainer of an upgrade since Mac OS X 10.1.


My pre-rush-ordered copy should get here on Friday. Just to make sure I avoid any upgrade hiccups, however, I don’t plan on actually performing the upgrade until six, maybe seven minutes after it arrives.


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