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Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Taxpayers

Just a thought to start you on your week.

You know what makes people risk-averse?


The real world includes earthquakes and tornados and cancer and broken bones and lost jobs and bounced checks and and cheatin' wives and dumb dogs. Reality is a country song.

And not one of those nice ones by Garth Brooks. Reality is Willie Nelson in a foul mood, looking to kick in some teeth.

You know what makes people take dumb risks?


Government is tax breaks, tax credits, tax shelters, transfer payments, subsidies, exemptions, special favors, competition-stifling regulations, unsafe hurricane & flood insurance, overhead, triplicated paperwork, fat-cat bailouts, and every other dumb stupid idea that makes it profitable for dumb stupid people to do dumb stupid things on your dime. Pay up, sucker -- your neighbors might be dumb, but they're smart enough to sell their votes to your congressman. And you're the one stuck with the double-trillion-dollar chit.

Government is Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny all wrapped up into one -- but you're the one stuck nursing his drink and listening to Willie Nelson. Everyone else is out having a much better time.

So think about that as Washington thrills in the chance to put a whole lot more regulations on top of Wall Street -- and Main Street, and your street -- to protect poor little you from the big, bad men who would do you wrong.

If you think the IRS put Willie through the wringer, wait until the whole of Washington gets done with you.