A Friend in Need

Russia is selling out its Syrian patrons to get their hands on some nifty Israeli technology:

Israel has agreed to speed up delivery of the UAVs Russia recently ordered. This is apparently in response to Russian willingness to cancel an agreement to sell seven MiG-31 reconnaissance jets to Syria. Russia refuses to comment, but it was also reported that the deal was in trouble because Syria was unable to pay for the aircraft, and Russian upgrades to other Syrian warplanes. But the Israelis are apparently willing to push the Russian UAV orders to the head of the queue, if they can be a little more certain that the Syrian air force stays obsolete.


There’s an important lesson in this — don’t count on Russia. Or, more broadly, choose your allies wisely, but stand by even the ones you chose poorly. Else you might find yourself without any allies at all.

ALSO: Russia is going to come out way ahead on this deal. The MiG-31 is a piece of crap, really, and by all accounts Israel UAVs are wicked dangerous.


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